Using Mexican Tile Outdoors in Cold or Warm Climates

There is nothing like having beautiful and inviting tiled outdoor spaces around your home. Have you dreamed of using beautiful, colorful Mexican tile in your swimming pool, spa or fountain but are afraid to because you live in a cold climate that freezes and thaws in the winter months? Or perhaps you would love to create an inviting outdoor kitchen, barbecue, stair risers or patio space using Mexican tile, but have the same fears.


Use ceramic Mexican tile for outdoor projects in warm climates and porcelain Mexican tile for cold climates.

What you need to know:

  1. Ceramic Mexican tiles are fired at high temperatures and are absolutely fine for swimming pools and fountains in mild climates where there is no danger of freezing. Again, don’t be misled by claims of tile being “frost-proof”.  Even ceramic tile will over time, absorb water and if allowed to then freeze, it will crack.  It will NOT crack if it does not freeze.  Only porcelain tiles should be used in climates with frost risk.  Our entire Ceramic Especial Collection can be made into Porcelain.


  1. Porcelain Mexican tile are fired to extremely high temperatures to achieve a truly waterproof tile. Porcelain is not affected by freezing temperatures and can be used in any outdoor tile project including swimming pools, spas and fountains. Expect to pay more for a porcelain tile, the peace of mind is well worth the price.  Some colors and very finely detailed designs don’t translate well into porcelain.   You also cannot get a matte finish in porcelain. What you DO get is beautiful outdoor tile and peace of mind.


Think of all the ways you can enhance your outdoor living spaces with bright, exciting Mexican Tile!  Here is an example of front door trim using Mexican tile.  Also consider planters, window trim, patio walls and more.


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Use Bright, Beautiful Decorative Mexican Pool Tiles

Who said all pools and spas have to look the same and all the tile be a single drab color? Why not use Mexican pool tile to make an extraordinary pool like no other that reflects your own sense of style and fun?


Ceramic or Porcelain Mexican pool tile at the waterline and on steps and benches, adds a dramatic and exciting line of color and design. You can make it as simple or complex as you’d like.


Talented Mexican Tile Designs staff are happy to help you with free design and planning help.


Featured tile: Cruz Azul  SKU 20340

Ceramic Mexican pool tile is best used in warmer climates that never freeze, while porcelain Mexican pool tile is ideal for cold climates. The entire Mexican Tile Designs pool tile collection is available in both ceramic and porcelain.



Palacio Rojo SKU 20291

Don’t forget to add flash and flair around the pool as well on walls, planters and outdoor kitchens.


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Are your stairs bland boring or even ugly? Maybe they are wood, linoleum or even carpeted. The way to jazz up steps is to use Mexican tile on the riser (vertical) portion of the step. Mexican Tile Designs has thousands of tiles to choose from to turn ordinary steps into an extraordinary staircase!


Remodeling your steps is an affordable way to totally change the look of your house and turn boring into exciting. It’s a way to use your own creativity and taste to make a stunning centerpiece for your home.

Check out these examples:

IMG_0463-2         saltillo steps and dec risers

Stylish-Mexican-Tiles-convention-Los-Angeles-Mediterranean-Staircase-Innovative-Designs-with-arched-windows-bright-staircase-660x540     Carl's stairs 2

Mexican Tile Designs has three price points of tile to help you get started creating your own unique staircase.

  1. Traditional Tile: lowest price point, rustic Talavera red clay Mexican Tile. Always amazing and beautiful—the traditional Mexican look you love.

Seville Esp      yellow gecco     10115_5ae49e3c-2a0e-412e-83e9-11484df8c3ea_large    10165_large

  1. Especial Tile: high fired ceramic Mexican tile for a slightly more refined look but with all the incredible designs you could wish for.  Imagine any of these on your stairs.

Sunflower Mexican tile     bird espec     cruz de luz verde    20305_01d47c53-4276-438b-8663-a82c177020aa_large

  1. Prima Tile: exquisite raised-relief ceramic Mexican tile that will WOW anyone who sees it!

Moorish influence  Prima border SW influence    30312_1024x1024

No matter your budget, you can totally remodel your stairs with beautiful Mexican tile!

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Do you want your pool or spa to be extraordinary? Are you tired of pale blue and beige? Do you want to incorporate color and design and creativity into your pool?

There are hundreds of beautiful tiles at Mexican Tile Designs that can add brilliance to your pool waterline, to pool steps and to pool enclosure walls.

You want to be sure to use CERAMIC tile, not red-clay tile for a pool, as ceramic is fired at high temperatures and is much more durable and does not absorb moisture like red clay does. If you live in a climate where the weather fluctuates between freeze and thaw in the winter—you may need porcelain tile.

Check out these stunning options from among hundreds in our Prima ceramic tile line (all of which can be made into porcelain as well):

Santa Barbara style Mexican Prima tileSanta Barbara style Mexican Prima tileSanta Barbara style Mexican Prima tile

Border tile for pools, spas and fountainsBorder tile for pools, spas and fountainsBorder tile for pools, spas and fountains

Mexican tile for poolsMexican tile for poolsMexican tile for pools

Arts & Crafts style Mexican tileArts & Crafts style Mexican tileArts & Crafts style Mexican tile

Or any of these from among our Especial ceramic line:

Mexican tile border for poolsMexican tile border for poolsMexican tile border for pools

Pool trim tilePool trim tilePool trim tile

Mexican border tile for poolsMexican border tile for poolsMexican border tile for pools

Mexican tile for poolsMexican tile for poolsMexican tile for pools

Give the friendly folks at Mexican Tile Designs a call today at 1-866-320-1628 and let us help you create the SPECTACULAR pool of your dreams!

Look at these examples and then imagine YOUR amazing new pool!

Mexican tile trim in swimming pool       pool wall

pool divider wall        wow mex tile in pool

4 Simple Tips for Using Mexican Tile in New Construction or Remodeling Projects

Are you building a new home or remodeling an existing home? NOW is the time to start thinking about tile! You don’t want to compromise on your dream design because a harried contractor is running out of time!


Mexican Tile Designs has an enormous inventory of solid and decorative tile, trim tile, murals and sinks in stock, but if you are planning to use tile throughout your home perhaps including: a kitchen counter and backsplash, bathroom counters, backsplashes and tub/shower surrounds, stair risers, wainscoting, window trim, door trim or other decorative features; it is best to start planning well in advance.

stair 3

Here are 4 simple tips:

  1.   Not all tiles are created equal:

Mexican tile is hand made in small batches. Often times when we order tile throughout the year, there are slight variations in the color and finish. This can become a challenge when tiling a large area. There could be small variations in the tile if they do not come in the same batch shipment. Our advice is to order all of your tile for large areas at one time. This ensures consistency with the tiles.

AL doorway

2.     It is best to let your design “sink in”:

We’re not talking about the tile around your beautiful Mexican sink…we’re talking about the design. Give yourself plenty of time to do all the design planning necessary to fully realize your vision. Then once you come up with your design, you should take a little time to think about how it will look and feel. Environmental conditions like sunshine and seasons can change the appearance and mood of your design. Get advice from your contractor and the experts at Mexican Tile Designs. Our design staff has helped 100’s of homeowners, restaurants, five star hotels and even celebrities with their tiling projects.


3.   Delays cost money:

One of the biggest challenges contractors face is timing a project. Delays in materials can throw a wrench in the process and cost significant amounts of money and delays in your schedule. Make sure to order your tile well in advance of the date it is needed on-site. Work with your contractor to make sure the materials arrive when they need them. Better that your tile is at our warehouse ready to ship than waiting for our Mexico suppliers to make it.

MacDonald kitchen

4.   Order a few extra tile:

It is industry practice is to order 5-10% more tile than actual dimensions may require in order to accommodate cutting and any incidental breakage. This is especially true of Traditional red clay Talavera tile. When using ceramic tile, 2-5% extra is usually sufficient. It’s also a good ide to put a few tiles of each color and design safely aside in a cupboard or closet on the rare chance one later breaks. It may be hard to replicate that tile years or decades later!

Currivan Counter backsplash

Best of all, we offer significant discounts for multi-room or whole house projects! Call for details.

 Benefits of Planning Your Tile Installation 

*Ensure that the tile you want is available when you need it

*Save money on quantity discounts: additional discounts for whole house/multi-room orders!

*Save money with direct & pallet shipping

*Free expert design advice from our world-class experts in tile

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Moorish Mexican Tile

Mexican Tile = Global Tile

When you think “Mexican Tile”– it’s time to think globally!  Over the last one hundred years Mexican tile has grown beyond the early Aztec, Mayan and Majolican designs of the late 1800s and early 1900s to incorporate truly global designs.

Mexican Tile Designs now carries tiles with Tuscany, Arts and Crafts, Southwest, Art Deco, Modern, Celtic, Moorish and African influenced designs.  Look at these examples:

Mission Arts & Craft Mexican Tile    Celtic style Mexican Tile    Southwest Mexican Tile

Mission                           Celtic                              Southwest

Spanish Mexican Tile    Moroccan Mexican Tile    Moorish Mexican Tile

Spanish                         Moroccan                      Moorish

Modern style Mexican Tile     Italian Mexican Tile     French style Mexican Tile

Modern                            Italian                          French

Arts & Crafts style Mexican tile

Arts & Crafts

Ancient designs have been interpreted with modern and even oriental flair as evidenced by the work of renowned Ceramic artists Ken Edwards and Gorky Gonzales.

Gorky Gonzalez border tile             Ken Edwards Mexican tile

Gorky Gonzalez                         Ken Edwards

We have a decorative tile in just the right color and design for your project.

In contrast to the monochromatic , bland look popular in the last few years as evidenced by fads of travertine and granite, these global tiles will bring color, creativity and vibrancy into your home.

Sunflower Mexican tile

Please give us a call for complimentary design help! 866-320-1628 or email: and let us help you make your dream come true.

Ideas for Creating Spectacular Stair Risers using Mexican Tile

Give your staircase a New Year’s makeover! A staircase is just a way to go up and down unless you make them EXTRAORDINARY using decorative Mexican Tile on the risers (the vertical portion of each step).

Just look at these fabulous examples:

stair 1

Stair risers using mixed Talavera Mexican Tile


stair 2

Stair risers using Blue and White theme Mexican tile


stair 3

Stair risers with each stair a different theme of Mexican Tile

You, too, can have a unique, colorful and exciting staircase! Yours can totally reflect your own tastes and creativity.

But where to start?

The cheerful, helpful team at Mexican Tile Designs can help. Just call us! 866-320-1628.

tape measureTIP: most stair risers accommodate a 6” tile, but remember that a 4” tile set “on diamond” is also 6”! Then you can cut solid color 4” tile into triangles to fill in the spaces between the decorative tile. Many stair risers are more narrow, where a 4” tile will fit just fine. If a 4” or 6” tile doesn’t fit your risers, Mexican Tile Designs also has custom sizes available, so you can order a size that fits perfectly.

Choose from three different lines of tile, each unique with a different price point so you are sure to find something that fits both your taste and your budget. If you have a lot of stairs, look for quantity discounts.

1. Traditional Talavera red clay Mexican Tile:  rustic, beautiful, less expensive, this tile has been used for centuries to bring Spanish influence, color and excitement to staircases, backsplashes, bathrooms and more. For stair risers, people often choose within a theme, such as: blue and white, fish, birds, or a mix.


Stair risers using a different theme of Mexican Tile on each riser

Perhaps you want each riser to be different and unique, or all the same. Here are two stairways where each riser is the same:

stairs 4

Stair Risers using a single design Mexican Tile 

stairs 5

Stair risers using a single theme Mexican Tile

2.  Especial Ceramic Mexican Tile: These white clay high-temperature fired ceramic tiles are a mid-price point and have a slightly more refined, consistent look than Traditional tiles. Choose from hundreds of gorgeous designs. Perhaps you’d like to alternate solid color Mexican Ceramic tile with decorative as in these striking stair cases, one alternating solid and decorative tiles, and one alternating solid and decorative risers:

stairs 6

Stair risers alternating tiles of decorative and solid color Mexican Tile 

stairs 7

Stair risers alternating steps of decorative and solid color Mexican Tile 

3.  Prima Premium Ceramic Mexican Tile: these exquisite raised-relief tiles instantly add incredible beauty to your home. Each tile is truly a work of art. Photos of these tiles, simply don’t do them justice, order a sample to see for yourself. Here are a just a taste of these tiles:

Mission style decorative Pool tile        Santa Barbara style Mexican Prima tile       Raised relief Santa Barbara tile

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

You CAN have spectacular steps, whether it is two steps going into the kitchen or 15 steps going up to the bedrooms. Beautify your steps today!

Call us toll free to help! Mexican Tile Designs 866-459-4305.

Colorful Day of the Dead tiles make great gifts!

The Day of the Dead  or Dia De Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and throughout the world on October 31, November 1 and November 2. In Mexico it is a day to honor and celebrate your ancestors with music, food and festive decorations. In the US, the Day of the Dead is usually celebrated in conjunction with Halloween.

Day of the Dead sugar skulls     Day of the Dead Catrinas     Day of the Dead celebration

Day of the Dead decorations, including tile, has seen a huge growth in popularity in the US, probably because of its fun colorful designs and funky stylish look.  Day of the dead tiles are now found all year round in homes and businesses across the country and world.

Mexican Tile Designs carries over 50 bright, bold, colorful raised relief ceramic tile Day of the Dead designs! These make perfect gifts as you are sure to find one for anyone you on your list. Do you know a golfer, a gardener, a skier or mother? Perhaps someone who loves baseball, or basketball, cats or watching TV? There is a Day of the Dead skeleton tile just for them!

Here are just a few:

Day of the Dead Rock and Roll tile     Skeleton Barbecuing Day of the Dead tile      Day of the Dead dog and leash tile     Couch Potato Day of the Dead tile      Day of the Dead Freida tileCowboy Day of the Dead tile

But these durable, beautiful tiles aren’t just for gifts, they are also the perfect way to tile your bar area, outdoor kitchen, billiards room or even your shower, as in this photo below:

Day of the Dead shower surround

In addition to the large 6”x6” raised relief Day of the Dead tile, there are also ten beautiful tiles featuring Day of the Dead figures by renowned Mexican ceramic artist Gorky Gonzales. Here are just two examples!

Day of the Dead tile by Gorky Gonzales        Day of the Dead tile by Gorky Gonzales

Or think of where you can put a wonderful Dia De Los Muertos tile mural featuring a Day of the Dead Catrina holding a chili pepper! It may be just perfect for your patio, rec room, or even your tub surround!

Day of the Dead tile mural

At Mexican Tile Designs, we’re always available to help with design ideas, tile calculations, installation tips and more. Give us a call toll free at 866-382-1628 or email:

Ideas for Using Beautiful Mexican Tile in Pools

Many pools are just plain boring when they don’t have to be! You don’t have to settle for a typical and factory-looking pool, instead use beautiful Mexican solid color and decorative tile to make your pool truly dazzling.

Here are just a few ways to create a one-of-a-kind pool that truly reflects your unique personality and taste.

Swimming pool with green Mexican tile

swimming pool with Mexican tile at waterline

Mexican tile on pool step risers

  • Use decorative or solid color Mexican tile on pool divider walls:

swimming pool using Mexican tile

  • Use a Mexican tile MURAL on the pool wall or floor. Give swimmers something fun to explore underwater!  This example uses a tile “rug mural“!  and this underwater fish mural is sure to delight children and adults alike!

Pool with Mexican tile mural on bottom          Undersea angel fish tile mural

  • Use Mexican Tile on Patio and Pool Enclosure walls

Mexican tile on pool wall         Mexican tile in pool and pool wall

Perhaps, you’re thinking, “Mexican tile wouldn’t hold up in a pool!” That may have been true of the original colonial red clay Talavera tiles. But modern Mexican tile comes in high-temperature fired ceramic, and if your contractor insists on using porcelain, not a problem! Most of our Especial and Prima designs (except washed colors and Matte finishes) are available in porcelain as well.

There are literally hundreds of tiles in all colors and designs and sizes to choose from.  Here are just a few popular examples of Border tile for Pools:

In the Especial Line:

Pool border tile fish motif     Mexican tile border for pools     Mexican tile for pools     Mexican border tile for pools

In the Prima or “Malibu” line:

Beautiful border tile for swimming pools     Pool tile border     Border tile for pools, spas and fountains     Mission style decorative Pool tile

Remember we also have gorgeous solid color tile to match any selection you make.  See our complete selection at to find the perfect Mexican pool tiles for your pool, spa or fountain!

Call or email us for free design help or with any questions you may have. or toll free 866-320-1628

How to decorate using a spectacular Mexican Tile Mural

There is nothing quite so jaw-dropping beautiful as a well-placed Mexican Tile Mural. Whether it is on your kitchen wall, your outdoor patio wall, or even in your shower, it will always impress!

Here is an example of a Madonna mural surrounded by solid color tile and decorative Mexican tile on a tub surround.

Tile mural in tub surround

Mexican Tile Designs carries over 70 hand-painted ceramic TILE MURALS that feature everything from floral and fruit still lifes, to village scenes, to magical underwater scenes.

Tile mural undersea with angel fish                 Mexican tile mural

Flower bouquet tile mural

Alternatively, your can create your own mural using a combination of decorative patterns, border designs, trim tile and solid color tiles.

Here is an example of a Decorative Tile Mural placed above a kitchen countertop.

Kitchen mural

A tile mural can be set directly onto a wall, into stucco, or even on a framed board that can be moved. One key to a beautiful mural is to use Decorative Border Tile, usually consisting of 2”x 4” tiles around the outside edge to enhance and frame the mural.

Next use a TRIM tile, such as Corniza, Braid trim, or pencil trim in complementary colors to complete the frame effect. You can even use several types of trim tile to further draw the eye to the mural.

Here are three close-up examples showing this type of detail around a mural:

Using trim tile on Mexican tile mural        Border and trim tile around Mexican tile mural

How to trim a tile mural

Mexican Tile Designs provides free design help to insure that your tile project turns out exactly how you dreamed it would be! Please call us toll free at 1-866-320-1628 or email us at .

Remember Mexican Tile Designs also offers FREE SHIPPING on all pre-made murals within the continental U.S.!