Using Mexican Tiles in pools and spas

When we were building our outdoor spa pool, it seemed that all pool tile was the same…boring! In fact, it seems like most pool tile is designed to blend in and few designs use colorful trim accents around the water line and stairs. We wanted something bright, beautiful and different! Searching around the web and during a visit to Mexico, we saw some beautiful examples of pool design using Mexican tile.

Mexican tile trim in swimming pool              Mexican tile on pool step risers

Perhaps, you’re thinking, “Mexican tile wouldn’t hold up in a pool!” Well, that’s true for the original colonial red clay Talavera tiles. But modern Mexican tile comes in high-temperature fired ceramic and if your contractor insists on using porcelain, not a problem. All our Especial and Prima designs are available in porcelain as well.

There are literally hundreds of tiles in all colors and designs to choose from. Personally, I like the 100% ceramic BORDER TILES in the Especial Line that link together such as these pictured below. All of these designs also come in Porcelain.

Mexican tile border for pools   Mexican tile pool border tile   Mexican border tile for pools

or even more bright and whimsical like these examples:

Pool tile fish motif    Mexican tile for pools    Pool trim tile

or alternate solid color tiles with your choice of decorative tile as in this example:

fish tile for pools and spasblue pool tileanglefish tile for poolsblue pool tile

Another fun line of tile is the raised relief PRIMA TILE which also comes in ceramic or porcelain. Look at these examples of great Prima borders for use in pools and spas:

Santa Barbara style Mexican Prima tile    Mexican tile for pools     decorative Pool tile

But don’t take my word for it, there are hundreds to choose from at .  Use your imagination!

You can even intersperse decorative tiles into your pool decking to add color and interest.

Mexican tile outdoors

A really fun idea is to put a Mexican tile MURAL on the pool wall or floor. Give swimmers something fun to explore underwater!  Imagine this one in on the bottom of your pool:

Undersea angel fish tile mural

Finally, or maybe not finally, depending on your creative and imagination, many people use Mexican ceramic or porcelain tile on pool and patio walls such as in these great examples:

Mexican tile in pool      Mexican tile on pool wall

So don’t settle for a boring, typical and factory-looking pool! You can do it YOUR way with beautiful Mexican tile!

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