Use Bright, Beautiful Decorative Mexican Pool Tiles

Who said all pools and spas have to look the same and all the tile be a single drab color? Why not use Mexican pool tile to make an extraordinary pool like no other that reflects your own sense of style and fun?


Ceramic or Porcelain Mexican pool tile at the waterline and on steps and benches, adds a dramatic and exciting line of color and design. You can make it as simple or complex as you’d like.


Talented Mexican Tile Designs staff are happy to help you with free design and planning help.


Featured tile: Cruz Azul  SKU 20340

Ceramic Mexican pool tile is best used in warmer climates that never freeze, while porcelain Mexican pool tile is ideal for cold climates. The entire Mexican Tile Designs pool tile collection is available in both ceramic and porcelain.



Palacio Rojo SKU 20291

Don’t forget to add flash and flair around the pool as well on walls, planters and outdoor kitchens.


Call toll free 866-320-1628 or email today to discuss your pool project .


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