Using Mexican Tile Outdoors in Cold or Warm Climates

There is nothing like having beautiful and inviting tiled outdoor spaces around your home. Have you dreamed of using beautiful, colorful Mexican tile in your swimming pool, spa or fountain but are afraid to because you live in a cold climate that freezes and thaws in the winter months? Or perhaps you would love to create an inviting outdoor kitchen, barbecue, stair risers or patio space using Mexican tile, but have the same fears.


Use ceramic Mexican tile for outdoor projects in warm climates and porcelain Mexican tile for cold climates.

What you need to know:

  1. Ceramic Mexican tiles are fired at high temperatures and are absolutely fine for swimming pools and fountains in mild climates where there is no danger of freezing. Again, don’t be misled by claims of tile being “frost-proof”.  Even ceramic tile will over time, absorb water and if allowed to then freeze, it will crack.  It will NOT crack if it does not freeze.  Only porcelain tiles should be used in climates with frost risk.  Our entire Ceramic Especial Collection can be made into Porcelain.


  1. Porcelain Mexican tile are fired to extremely high temperatures to achieve a truly waterproof tile. Porcelain is not affected by freezing temperatures and can be used in any outdoor tile project including swimming pools, spas and fountains. Expect to pay more for a porcelain tile, the peace of mind is well worth the price.  Some colors and very finely detailed designs don’t translate well into porcelain.   You also cannot get a matte finish in porcelain. What you DO get is beautiful outdoor tile and peace of mind.


Think of all the ways you can enhance your outdoor living spaces with bright, exciting Mexican Tile!  Here is an example of front door trim using Mexican tile.  Also consider planters, window trim, patio walls and more.


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