How to decorate using a spectacular Mexican Tile Mural

There is nothing quite so jaw-dropping beautiful as a well-placed Mexican Tile Mural. Whether it is on your kitchen wall, your outdoor patio wall, or even in your shower, it will always impress!

Here is an example of a Madonna mural surrounded by solid color tile and decorative Mexican tile on a tub surround.

Tile mural in tub surround

Mexican Tile Designs carries over 70 hand-painted ceramic TILE MURALS that feature everything from floral and fruit still lifes, to village scenes, to magical underwater scenes.

Tile mural undersea with angel fish                 Mexican tile mural

Flower bouquet tile mural

Alternatively, your can create your own mural using a combination of decorative patterns, border designs, trim tile and solid color tiles.

Here is an example of a Decorative Tile Mural placed above a kitchen countertop.

Kitchen mural

A tile mural can be set directly onto a wall, into stucco, or even on a framed board that can be moved. One key to a beautiful mural is to use Decorative Border Tile, usually consisting of 2”x 4” tiles around the outside edge to enhance and frame the mural.

Next use a TRIM tile, such as Corniza, Braid trim, or pencil trim in complementary colors to complete the frame effect. You can even use several types of trim tile to further draw the eye to the mural.

Here are three close-up examples showing this type of detail around a mural:

Using trim tile on Mexican tile mural        Border and trim tile around Mexican tile mural

How to trim a tile mural

Mexican Tile Designs provides free design help to insure that your tile project turns out exactly how you dreamed it would be! Please call us toll free at 1-866-320-1628 or email us at .

Remember Mexican Tile Designs also offers FREE SHIPPING on all pre-made murals within the continental U.S.!


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