Choosing Mexican ceramic sinks and matching tile

Do you hate your bathroom?  Maybe it still has a goose poop green sink from the 70’s or maybe one of those bubblegum pink things from the 80’s, imagine remodeling your bathroom instead with an affordable awesome Mexican ceramic sink.  I am constantly amazed at the variety of designs available.  I used to think they were all traditional Talavera designs, but I was SO wrong.  There is really something for every taste from Country decor to Arts and Craft to modern. Check out all these fantastic new Mexican-style sink designs at, including some amazing art sinks created by the famous Mexican ceramic artist Gorky Gonzales.  I said to Andy, the go-to guy at MTD, that I wish he could offer free shipping on all these, so more people could get them. And what do you know, he agreed and now all sinks are SHIPPED FREE within the continental U.S.  How great is that?


Ceramic Vessel art sink by Gorky Gonzales

solid color green Mexican tile by Gorky Gonzales

Limon green tile by Gorky Gonzales

Here are just a few of the totally different styles of sinks I found:

Image   Image   Blue Mexican Sink by Gorky GonzalesMexican ceramic sink yellow floral pattern

 You can find matching or complementary tile to go with any sink both in solid color and decorative designs.  Here are a couple of ideas of how other people matched sinks and tiles when remodeling their bathrooms:

Image     Image    Image

I love this one because of the traditional Mexican pattern and because the colors go really well with my cobalt blue towels.

Seville Mexican ceramic sink

Traditional Seville pattern Mexican Ceramic sink

Seville decorative Mexican tile

Seville decorative Mexican tile

You will really want to look at the entire selection Mexican Tiles because there truly is a sink for every taste.  Don’t forget the FREE SHIPPING on sinks!

Talk to Andy or Jenny at Mexican Tile Designs at 1-866-320-1628 or email them at  They are really nice about helping with design ideas and planning.