Are your stairs bland boring or even ugly? Maybe they are wood, linoleum or even carpeted. The way to jazz up steps is to use Mexican tile on the riser (vertical) portion of the step. Mexican Tile Designs has thousands of tiles to choose from to turn ordinary steps into an extraordinary staircase!


Remodeling your steps is an affordable way to totally change the look of your house and turn boring into exciting. It’s a way to use your own creativity and taste to make a stunning centerpiece for your home.

Check out these examples:

IMG_0463-2         saltillo steps and dec risers

Stylish-Mexican-Tiles-convention-Los-Angeles-Mediterranean-Staircase-Innovative-Designs-with-arched-windows-bright-staircase-660x540     Carl's stairs 2

Mexican Tile Designs has three price points of tile to help you get started creating your own unique staircase.

  1. Traditional Tile: lowest price point, rustic Talavera red clay Mexican Tile. Always amazing and beautiful—the traditional Mexican look you love.

Seville Esp      yellow gecco     10115_5ae49e3c-2a0e-412e-83e9-11484df8c3ea_large    10165_large

  1. Especial Tile: high fired ceramic Mexican tile for a slightly more refined look but with all the incredible designs you could wish for.  Imagine any of these on your stairs.

Sunflower Mexican tile     bird espec     cruz de luz verde    20305_01d47c53-4276-438b-8663-a82c177020aa_large

  1. Prima Tile: exquisite raised-relief ceramic Mexican tile that will WOW anyone who sees it!

Moorish influence  Prima border SW influence    30312_1024x1024

No matter your budget, you can totally remodel your stairs with beautiful Mexican tile!

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Ideas for Creating Spectacular Stair Risers using Mexican Tile

Give your staircase a New Year’s makeover! A staircase is just a way to go up and down unless you make them EXTRAORDINARY using decorative Mexican Tile on the risers (the vertical portion of each step).

Just look at these fabulous examples:

stair 1

Stair risers using mixed Talavera Mexican Tile


stair 2

Stair risers using Blue and White theme Mexican tile


stair 3

Stair risers with each stair a different theme of Mexican Tile

You, too, can have a unique, colorful and exciting staircase! Yours can totally reflect your own tastes and creativity.

But where to start?

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tape measureTIP: most stair risers accommodate a 6” tile, but remember that a 4” tile set “on diamond” is also 6”! Then you can cut solid color 4” tile into triangles to fill in the spaces between the decorative tile. Many stair risers are more narrow, where a 4” tile will fit just fine. If a 4” or 6” tile doesn’t fit your risers, Mexican Tile Designs also has custom sizes available, so you can order a size that fits perfectly.

Choose from three different lines of tile, each unique with a different price point so you are sure to find something that fits both your taste and your budget. If you have a lot of stairs, look for quantity discounts.

1. Traditional Talavera red clay Mexican Tile:  rustic, beautiful, less expensive, this tile has been used for centuries to bring Spanish influence, color and excitement to staircases, backsplashes, bathrooms and more. For stair risers, people often choose within a theme, such as: blue and white, fish, birds, or a mix.


Stair risers using a different theme of Mexican Tile on each riser

Perhaps you want each riser to be different and unique, or all the same. Here are two stairways where each riser is the same:

stairs 4

Stair Risers using a single design Mexican Tile 

stairs 5

Stair risers using a single theme Mexican Tile

2.  Especial Ceramic Mexican Tile: These white clay high-temperature fired ceramic tiles are a mid-price point and have a slightly more refined, consistent look than Traditional tiles. Choose from hundreds of gorgeous designs. Perhaps you’d like to alternate solid color Mexican Ceramic tile with decorative as in these striking stair cases, one alternating solid and decorative tiles, and one alternating solid and decorative risers:

stairs 6

Stair risers alternating tiles of decorative and solid color Mexican Tile 

stairs 7

Stair risers alternating steps of decorative and solid color Mexican Tile 

3.  Prima Premium Ceramic Mexican Tile: these exquisite raised-relief tiles instantly add incredible beauty to your home. Each tile is truly a work of art. Photos of these tiles, simply don’t do them justice, order a sample to see for yourself. Here are a just a taste of these tiles:

Mission style decorative Pool tile        Santa Barbara style Mexican Prima tile       Raised relief Santa Barbara tile

As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

You CAN have spectacular steps, whether it is two steps going into the kitchen or 15 steps going up to the bedrooms. Beautify your steps today!

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