How to Design a Romantic Mexican Tile Bathtub Surround

I love a great hot soaking bath! But I hated my bathroom and tub. It lacked any charm that might make it into the romantic, relaxing retreat I desired. But I remodeled it using Mexican tile and now I love it!  Maybe you have the same problem and want to know how to give your tired bathroom a makeover. Don’t despair, you too, can create the beautiful bathroom and tub of your dreams using Mexican Tile.

Romantic Mexican Tile Tub Surround      Beautiful Mexican Tile Tub Surround

1.FIRST CHOOSE YOUR FIELD TILE: Field tile is your dominant Solid Color Mexican Tile. In the example to the left above, a Washed Green Mexican Tile was used. In the example to the right, various shades of yellow/gold were used.

When choosing your field tile think of your overall color scheme for your bathroom. What color towels or rug will you want? How will the bathroom countertop tiles and possibly a Mexican sink tie into the design?

Mexican Tile Tub Surround cobalt blue

  1. CHOOSE YOUR ACCENT DECORATIVE MEXICAN TILE: This is where the real fun comes in! Hundreds of absolutely lovely Decorative tiles await you. You can either use interlinking border tiles or scatter one pattern or several patterns of decorative tile. Perhaps you want an underwater feel with tropical fish tile, or a more romantic feel with exquisite raised-relief Prima Tiles. Or are you wild and crazy enough to use Day of the Dead tiles as in this example? It’s YOUR tub and you can design it to totally fit your personality and tastes.

Day of the Dead shower surround     Mexican tile tub surround

Or you can design a simple or elaborate BORDER again using either Decorative or Border tiles as in these amazing examples:  Border tile designs are especially made to make a linking pattern, but any decorative tile can also be used.

Tub surround with Mexican Tile border           Spanish tile tub surround

Again, think about how the decorative elements you choose might tie into the total bathroom design including the bathroom countertop and sink.  In this gorgeous example below, you can see how the countertop and sink fit perfectly with the design of the tub and shower surround.

Using Mexican tile in bathroom design      Spanish tile bathroom basin and countertop

3.ADD OTHER DECORATIVE ELEMENTS: In the beautiful example below, yellow TRIM TILE was used to finish the edges and add definition to the surfaces around the tub. Where the tile meets the wall, this designer used corniza frame trim under the window and surface bullnose around the arched section at the foot of the tub to further accent this beautiful space.

Spanish tile bathtub surround

Another way you can add unique beauty and charm to your bathtub surround is to add a TILE MURAL. Mexican Tile murals come pre-made in hundreds of designs, or you can create your own using decorative tile. It can be as small as four decorative tiles as in the photo above, or as elaborate as those in the top photo on the right.

In both of the photos below, a pre-made mural was used then trimmed with decorative border tile.  There’s a huge selection of pre-made tile murals to choose from, including great undersea tile mural motifs that work really well in bathrooms.

Spanish parrot mural in bath surround        Tropical bird tile mural in tub surround

Remember that Mexican Tile Designs always offers FREE, friendly, professional design advise. Just call us toll free at 1-866-320-1628 or email us


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