How to Design a Mexican Tile Shower Surround

Have you always wanted an incredibly beautiful Mexican Tile shower? One that wakes you up every morning with “Oh Wow!”

Here’s some simple tips to get you started designing the shower of your dreams:

1.  DECIDE ON YOUR BASIC COLOR SCHEME: This will determine the solid color tiles that will be your “field tile”—the majority of the tile on the shower walls. This is a good time to think how the shower will tie into the color and design of your kitchen countertop and sink.  Many Mexican Sinks are perfect compliments to decorative Mexican tile.

Many people like to split the shower into upper and lower portions with a darker color on the bottom and a lighter, brighter color on the top. Usually the dividing line is between waist and shoulder height.

Here’s an example, where the lower field tiles were placed square and the upper tiles on diamond. This second example does the same thing but with a totally different effect.  Both showers have murals created using decorative tile.

Bright bold shower with Mexican tile                  shower 4

2.  DECIDE ON A DECORATIVE MEXICAN TILE BORDER: Usually a border of decorative tile is placed at waist or shoulder height. In the green and gold example above, a row of interlinking 4”x4” Mexican Border Tile was used as the wall divider, and a narrow 2”x4”  Border Tile in the same design was also used along the top of the shower wall. Mexican tile comes in hundreds of stunning border and decorative patterns that can perfectly complement and highlight your field tile color.

Often Mexican Trim Tile is used to cap the border or to define both edges. You can choose from many styles of trim tile from narrow Pencil Trim Tile, or decorative Braid Trim Tile, or a more ornate Corniza Frame Trim Tile (as in the green/gold example above). Your trim can be any color–let your creativity go wild!

In the example below, a dark green field tile is accented with a simple floral decorative tile with no trim. The next photo is much more elaborate and uses a Blanco Mexicano (Mexican White) field tile and several sizes of decorative and solid color tile to create a mosaic effect.

Shower Surround using decorative Mexican Tile              Mexican tile shower surround

3.  ADD OTHER DECORATIVE ELEMENTS: you can further enhance your shower surround with a Mexican Tile Mural. Tile murals are very popular in showers. You can design your own using Decorative Mexican Tile such as in the top examples above, or you can buy a Mexican Tile Mural in the design of your choice, whether it’s an underwater scene, a floral bouquet, or even a collection of Day of the Dead tiles as in the photo below! You can trim your mural with Trim Tiles or with Decorative Tiles. Again, use your imagination and creativity.

Day of the Dead shower surround

Remember that Mexican Tile Designs always provides free, friendly design help for all your tile projects!


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